Spring Cleaning Checklist For Your Roof In Harrisonburg VA

Winter months are harsh and almost always leave the roof dirty and stained. While planning your cleaning schedule for the rest of the home, finding a slot for roof cleaning is essential.

Spring cleaning is time-consuming, which is why most people will leave their roofing to avoid more work. Fortunately, roofing contractors in Harrisonburg, VA, can help you with that. Even so, it is important to have a checklist so that you can inspect your roof once the cleaning crew is done.

Our handy checklist covers everything your Harrisonburg, VA roofers will address!

1. Unclogging The Gutters

Winter brings a lot of debris trapped in the ice and withered leaves in your gutters. Proper drainage is one of the best ways to maintain your housetop and protect it from damage.

Add unclogging gutters to your spring cleaning checklist to protect yourself against flash storms. Roofers in Harrisonburg, VA, can help you with that if you do not have time.

2. Checking For Damages

One of the main reasons for spring cleaning your roof is to ensure that the winter months did not damage or displace anything. Check whether all the shingles, tiles, and siding are in place. 

It is essential to do this during the spring so you can arrange timely repairs from roofers in Harrisonburg, VA. This ensures that your roof stays strong for longer and does not succumb to damage from wind and ice.

3. Removing Mold

Mold can severely damage your property if left to grow on your shingles and siding. It can also lead to diseases and endanger the lives of the people in your house.

Checking for mold is important when spring cleaning as it helps you get rid of it before it spreads and causes much damage. With the help of roofing contractors in Harrisonburg, VA, you can remove all the mold on your housetop during spring cleaning.

4. Trimming Surrounding Tree Branches

Overhanging or dying tree branches are a danger to your roof. In high winds or storms, they can break and destroy your attic. It is, therefore, essential to add tree branch trimming to your spring cleaning checklist so that you can remove dangerously hanging branches and save your roof.

5. Inspecting The Roof From The Inside

Once you have cleaned your gutter, trimmed branches, and inspected for damage from the outside, it is time to check for damage from the inside.

Inspecting your roof from the inside allows you to catch water damage before your roof starts leaking. That way, you can call roofing Harrisonburg, VA, contractors to come to fix it.


The best way to keep your roof in excellent condition is to clean it regularly. While you cannot do it every other week or month, it is important to do it in spring to remove all the dirt that comes with it.

Use the checklist above to inspect your housetop after cleaning, or hire a roofing Harrisonburg, VA, company to clean for you.

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