What Maintenance Does A Shingle Roof Need? 

Keeping up with the maintenance of your shingle roof can be a tricky business. It has specific timelines to keep up with to prevent damage. However, too much maintenance can actually do more harm than good! 

To help you, we’ve put together a guide to get you that perfect balance between too frequent maintenance and not enough. For more information about your shingle roof maintenance, read on.

Professional Cleaning

Getting a professional cleaning job for your roof yearly can significantly prevent erosion and damage. Professional cleanings from Harrisonburg, VA, roofing experts will prevent mold and algae from forming on your shingles. 

These are dangerous because algae buildup tends to be acidic and could cause expedited erosion of your shingles. This degradation will leave your roof more susceptible to damage and cracking in the event of strong winds or bad weather. 

Trust your local Harrisonburg roofing contractors to prevent this risky and unsightly buildup. 

General Cleaning and Tidying

Keeping your roof clean and tidy is another facet of maintenance that shingle roofs need. Luckily, this can be done on your own without any help from professionals. This includes: 

  • Removing debris like branches after a strong storm
  • Keeping your gutters clear of leaves, pests, and sticks
  • Making sure your downspouts are in good condition

Always practice caution when cleaning your roofing structure and call in Harrisonburg roofing professionals when necessary. 

Professional Roof Inspection

Having a professional inspect your roof at least twice a year is one way to guarantee that you won’t be behind on maintenance. It will also be effective as a form of damage prevention. 

Most shingle damage stems from small maintenance issues that are left unresolved for too long. For example, if you have a shingle shifted out of place, and it isn’t found and fixed promptly, you could risk a leak.

If that leak were to go undetected for too long, it could lead to severe water damage under your roof because the moisture can cause wood beams to warp and shift. 

With regular inspections from professionals, you can rest easy knowing that Harrisonburg roofing contractors will notice little problems like this before they lead to major structural damage. It’s also strongly advised to inspect your roof after a strong storm. Get in touch with your local Harrisonburg roofing company to learn more.

Final Thoughts 

Maintaining a shingle roof can be difficult when you don’t know what’s required. To keep it in good shape, schedule a professional cleaning 1-2 times per year. Also, partake in general cleaning and tidying or call in an expert to take care of this for you. And finally, you’ll want to schedule a professional roof inspection annually or after a strong storm.

By keeping up with these basic steps, you can have the peace of mind that your roof will stay in good shape for years. And remember, call in your local Harrisonburg roofing contractors when in doubt. They’ll ensure your shingle structure is well-maintained and damage-free!

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