Eaves vs Rakes

What Is The Eave and Rake of a Roof?

For the average house hunter, odds are that you’ve never even heard of the terms eaves and rakes and have absolutely no clue how they relate to the most fundamental sector of your new residence – the roof over your head.

Roofing contractors in Harrisonburg, VA, will tell you that distinguishing between these two crucial components of your home’s roof will help you better understand their importance and how they add to a house’s overall aesthetic value.

Let’s take a deeper dive into highlighting the differences between eave and rake-ended roofs and learn a little about the purpose of these two mainstays of roofing in Harrisonburg, VA. 

Eaves vs. Rakes: What’s The Difference?

The lower edges of a roof that lunge over the face of a wall are referred to as an eave. They fully extend beyond the sidings of your house or structure. 

Commonly referred to as a gable by roofers in Harrisonburg, VA, rakes are structurally designed in the same exact fashion, consisting of an A-shaped side wall of the home forming the peak of the roof itself.

Eaves and rakes may end in a fascia, which is a board that runs the length of an eave and protects the ends of the roof rafters. To seal the gap between the rafters from the elements, the bottom of the eaves may have a horizontal soffit set at a right angle to the wall.

The Importance of Eaves and Rakes

Eaves and rakes serve a critical role in the protection of your home.

The primary purpose of eaves is to prevent outdoor elements like snow or rain from penetrating the confines of your home. They keep rain water off the side of your home and prevents water from entering your house. Rakes (or gables), provide the same protection but are placed above the end walls of your home.

Rakes and eaves are especially popular in cabin homes located in areas with frigid climates year-round, providing the perfect insulation and protection from snowstorms, heavy rainfall, or hail. Eaves also prevent erosion from taking place on the foundation footings below your home by carrying the water away and preventing it from reaching these areas.

Moreover, rakes and eaves may also be installed to protect your home from solar gain or the increase of thermal energy inside your home. Some installations done by roofers in Harrisonburg, VA, may also be designed at particular angles to restrict the sun from penetrating homes in the summer and permit its entrance in the winter months.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to add a rake or eave-ended roof to your home or trying to understand the conceptual differences between these two key pillars of your roofing, we hope this digest has assisted such causes. You’re now one step closer to understanding the terminology used by roofing specialists in Harrisonburg, VA!

Get in touch with your local roofing Harrisonburg, VA company to learn more about eaves vs rakes! 

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